What is Asterisk@Home?

Asterisk@Home (Asterisk at Home) is a distro of linux, sort of. It’s a distro that comes with Asterisk pre-installed. It also has an easy to use web gui. xPL is included as well.

For the GUI, AAH uses AMP (Asterisk Management Portal). If you’re wanting to use a GUI with Asterisk, I would reccomend just installing AAH and going from there. I have tried to set up AMP on my own in the past… I will never try that again. Soooooo many hours wasted on nothing. I ended up just having to completely reinstall Asterisk. Luckily I had made backups of all my .conf’s.

I haven’t gotten to play around with AAH much, but I have a cd sitting here next to me with it burned onto it. I’m just hesitant of installing it on my Asterisk box because I don’t feel like setting it all up the way I like it again, haha.

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