Voiceroute in TMC Internet Telephony EXPO West 2007 Shows Off Druid Live

Voiceroute showed off its Druid Live a new version of the Druid Telephony Platform during last week’s TMC ITEXPO West 2007. Voiceroute claims that with DRUID Live, DRUID is now not just the best GUI for Asterisk in the market, but is also the “first truly plug and play CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocal) based auto-provisioning of Cisco, Polycom and Linksys phones with additional VLAN based auto-provisioning of Aastra, Snom and GrandStream phones.”

During the exhibit Voiceroute showed of its upcoming Druid Live Click-to-Call VoIP hosted service with Adobe Flash for enterprises. Aside from the features that the “old” Druid telephony platform brings (as mentioned above) , according to Ming Yong, Voiceroute CEO, Druid Live allows “enterprises to embed interactive flash widgets into their flash video, rich media ads, text ads and web sites to allow interested customers to seamlessly connect using voice and text with a sales or customer support representative without installing any java soft-phone client on the customer side or server side software on the SME side.”

Druid Live’s beta version is set for release this October. In the meantime, thos einterested in DRUID will be happy to know that their current version is packed with excellent features that makes a VOIP telephony platform relatively easy to install and manage.

Features of the current DRUID version include:

  • Extension Management Wizard – allows easy removal and addition of phones and users
  • Trunks Management Wizard - allows instant configuration of inbound / outbound trunks
  • Dialplan Wizard - allows the creation of Asterisk dialplan controls without needing to learn about nor understand the complex dialplan languages needed to be able to route calls into your system. The Dialplan Wizard is so easy to use that even a first time Asterisk user can figure it out.
  • Hardware Wizard (E1/T1/PSTN/TDMoE) – allows easy configuration of an Asterisk server with Digium / Sangoma E1, T1, FXO, FXS card as well as GSM gateways and Channel Banks.
  • Druid User Portal – allows you Asterisk/Druid users to check their voicemail and configure other call options such as Simultaneous-Ring and Follow-Me features.
  • Live Java Console – a remote Asterisk call control utility that allows operators/administrators to see call activity in real-time and hang-up, transfer or originate a call remotely.

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