Well I have decided that I will one day marry TrixBox. Well, maybe not literally, but I really like it. For a very small system, TrixBox makes it all so friggin easy.

I like the fact that it comes with FreePBX, which makes it easy to set up new voicemail boxes.

The Voicemail an Recordings section is a godsend. This allows you to download your voicemails and set up your recordings so easily and elegently.

The MeetMe (conference program) control makes setting up and moderating conference calls a snap. It can all be done via the web interface.

You also have the Flash Operator Panel, which if you have a human receptionist, this allows them to do all the call tranfers right from their desktop very easily. Nifty.

All in all, I love it. I have no complaints thus far. I have yet to have had any trouble, I mean ANY.

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One Response to “TrixBox=Good”

  1. I agree to each and every word mentioned in the post above … if you dont marry Trixbox .. then i will 😉


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