Trixbox – Step by Step – Part 1

I have had an awful lot of emails lately asking me for some step by step tutorials to installing and using Trixbox. So everyone, here is the beginning stages of getting your Trixbox up and running.

Step One: Have a spare computer.
With Trixbox it is somewhat neccessary (if installing with linux) that you have it on a computer that you don’t use. Being that it is a server without a desktop, at least with the default setup, you will probably not want to have this as your main computer.

The default Trixbox install will wipe your hard drive and automatically set it all up. There are some people who have had trouble with this though, but we will delve into that later.

Step Two: Download the ISO
You can download the ISO here.

You can burn it to a cd using pretty much any burning program, however I reccomend Nero, from Ahead.

Step Three: Install
This part is one of the easiest. Weird, I know. Here goes.
Once the splash screen is up, hit ENTER.
Choose your keyboard, probably US.
Select your timezone.
Type the password you want for the user “root”. It won’t show up, but it’s there.
It will now install. Let it do it’s thing and follow the onscreen instructions.

Now, wasn’t that easy?? We will get into more configuration with your new Trixbox PBX.

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8 Responses to “Trixbox – Step by Step – Part 1”

  1. I love this. You make things so easy to learn. I’ll be installing this later tonight, so I’ll leave another comment telling you how it went.

  2. Great, i ll be reading !!!!

    I got this far ill be back!!!!!

  3. Thanks guys! Do you have any ideas as to what we could improve?

  4. Does this work on non-intel (ie: AMD) machines. Trixbox has been notorious to not support this processor without a lot of extra effort and work arounds. SImply pressing enter didn’t work in previous releases.

  5. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I’ll look into it though. The new release (1.2) was supposed to fix a lot of bugs like that, so it may work now. I’ll check into that and put an answer in part 2 for you.

  6. I tried installing Trixbox 1.2 on a spare PC. I am all the way to a command prompt as root…no problem there… but how do I configure from that point?

  7. Hey Michael, thanks for the comment. The configuration after that is going to be a bit more difficult than the installation. I will go in depth into how to configure your new Trixbox install to do some fun things on my next installment of the tutorial. I will have it done in a few days, keep an eye out for it!

    Mike, you can also head over to the forums and post it over there. Maybe one of our users will be able to answer the question before I get the article published?

  8. Mike, I think the next step is to get your trixbox box alive and kickin’ on your LAN.

    3.1 – Network configuration

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