Trixbox Review – Part 1

I downloaded Trixbox today and installed it so I could begin the review of it. Let me first say that this was by far the easiest distro to install.

Trixbox runs on CentOS 4.4. The AAH distro’s ran on CentOS as well, but I never had any luck at getting those to install. Trixbox was a snap. I threw in the cd, chose a couple of options, such as my time zone, keyboard type, and so on, and twenty minutes later, it was installed. Trixbox did an excellent job of autodetecting things.

I was half expecting a desktop though. I was thinking it would be very similar to Asterisk@Home. I was wrong. When it booted into the prompt, it kind of surprised me. Not a big deal though. It’s a server, so I don’t really need much in the way of a desktop anyway, I am just fine with that.

If you choose to install it, after your first bootup, type in “trixbox-help” and it will bring up an options menu. It has about 20 different reccomendations of things to do. Go through them and choose what you will.

Basically so far I have just installed it. I have played a little bit with FreePBX, but nothing too extensive. I’ll write more of a review once I have it up and running. Overall though, I give the installation a 5 out of 5!

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