Skype Unveils Unlimited Call Plan for North America

North American Skype users have a lot to be thankful for. First, there’s the ongoing free North American calls promo. If you’re anywhere within North America–meaning the United States, Canada, and territories–you can call any landline and mobile phone within the region for free using SkypeOut. This means you can save a lot on toll charges, especially when calling distant states or regions.

However, Skype has made it clear that this promo will only be valid for 2006. Luckily, they have unveiled a new SkypeOut calling plan, and while it’s not free it’s still a good deal.

Skype Unlimited is an unlimited calling plan to the North Americas that will require a one-time payment. This is only valid if the subscriber is in the US or Canada (and you will be notified by your Skype client if you’re eligible for this, when you sign up).

For $29.95, you get unlimited calls (at no additional charge) for 12 months after purchase. If you buy within January 2007, you only pay $14.95. The Skype blog even says you can even save more if you buy before 2007 starts, since you only get to pay $14.95, and your unlimited plan lasts up to end of 2007. However, I realized that North America to North America calls are still actually free up to end of 2006.

Still, this looks like a good deal. Or if you already have other calling plans, you might want to gift friends and relatives who are Skype users with unlimited SkypeOut calling plans this Christmas.

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