What is Asterisk@Home?

Asterisk@Home (Asterisk at Home) is a distro of linux, sort of. It’s a distro that comes with Asterisk pre-installed. It also has an easy to use web gui. xPL is included as well. For the GUI, AAH uses AMP (Asterisk Management Portal). If you’re wanting to use a GUI with Asterisk, I would reccomend just […]

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IAX Handsets

I can’t believe it! IAX handsets are now available!!! I think I just might have to purchase one of these babies! Check them out over at

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Here are two protocols that I have played with using Asterisk. They are the most common in my opinion as well, IAX and SIP. Of course you’ve also got H.323 but I’ve never played with that one. So first of all, I bet you are asking yourself, what the hell am I talking about protocols […]

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The Playback() and Background() Functions

These two functions are going to be commonly used in your dial plan. They are virtually the same thing with the exception of one detail, interactivity. First of all, let me share with you a piece of my dial plan that I am currently using on this computer. [incoming] exten => 866*******,1,Answer() exten => 866*******,2,AGI(call_log.agi) […]

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My Reason to Blog

I have noticed there is a lack of news and tips and all that fun stuff for Asterisk. You’ve got the * Wiki… but that’s no fun to run through. I thought I should and could share my knowledge and experience here with everyone and try to make it as understandable as I could for […]

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