NuFone & Asterisk

Bah. NuFone seems to be a HUGE issue that people have. I know when I first started with Asterisk I had my NuFone account for nearly two months. Yes, I know. Crazy crazy. Ok, so after I finish my 5 part series on using Asterisk in the home, I’ll give everyone an indepth look at getting NuFone’s VOIP service to work with Asterisk. Keep an eye out guys. I should have it out soon!

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2 Responses to “NuFone & Asterisk”

  1. I have nufone working with
    my asterisk @ home account just fine even behind nat never had a issuse at all

  2. Stay away from nufone. They’re completely incompetent and it starts at the top (Jeremy MacNamara) and goes all the way down (Greg M). Do not trust them. They gouged us time after time with false promises. We were the fools to keep paying. Walked away, transferred 30 did’s to another vendor, 0 problems since. Beware.

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