Mexuar releases “Click-to-Call”

After corresponding with Mexuar for a few weeks now, I have taken a peek at what they are doing with this “Click-to-Call” campaign. They will be using a web application that will connect users to phone lines using their computer. Think of it as a web-based softphone.

I can see how this could be very very useful for people who travel the world for their company. This will cut down a whole lot of expense that the companies normally spend on telephone services.

Also, from what I understand, this “Click-to-Call” functionality won’t be available from any of the larger vendors, like Cisco, for months to come. Go ahead and check it out.

Mexuar Launches the Mexuar Corraleta Technology SDK™
for seamless VoIP development of
“Click-to-Talk” applications
New Java-based solution delivers browser- and platform-neutral,
free IP call capabilities for commercial websites

Astricon USA 2006, Dallas: booth 118

Mexuar Communications is today launching the Corraleta Technology SDK™, an innovative new solution that enables rapid development and deployment of VoIP click-to-talk applications for online businesses.

The Corraleta Technology SDK™ enables deployment of click-to-talk functionality on the website of any size of business. With this feature, any website visitor can use their web browser and PC to make free calls and talk with sales or support staff in the company’s contact centre.

The Corraleta Technology SDK™ takes users from a web page to a VoIP call with a live customer service agent within 10 seconds. These calls are pure IP from the web browser to the customer contact centre PBX and are free, irrespective of the location of the caller or contact centre.

The Corraleta-developed application can be used to initiate port 4569 IAX calls to the contact centre via a button on a web page using just their headset and microphone, or can trigger a callback from the contact centre to the user’s chosen telephone. Application examples include sales and support services for online merchants; emails embedded with click to call functionality; and pay-per-call online banner advertising

The Corraleta Technology SDK™ uses Java to deliver VoIP across multiple browsers and 3rd party white label applications, providing tight, platform-agnostic integration between traditional phone systems and core business applications, whether on the company internal network or on the Web. This contrasts with rival solutions that use ActiveX and work only with Windows platforms and the Internet Explorer browser.

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