Installing Asterisk on Apple TV

Here’s the latest interesting Asterisk-related hardware hack: Asterisk running on the Apple TV. has a project on hacking the Apple TV. This ranges from installing basic Linux distros to installing special software, such as Asterisk.

It’s a dream if you’re both a Mac addict and an Asterisk enthusiast. Hackers say the Apple TV turns into the cheapest Apple computer so far, with the right hacks. It costs less than the Mac Mini (at $300), and it can do far more things than your usual $300 PC can do.

Apple TV Hacks sponsored a contest recently to see who can be first to hack the Apple TV by installing Asterisk. And the result: this step by step tutorial. Hey, with the $500 bounty, the winner could buy himself an AppleTV (with spare cash to boot).

The steps are simple enough. But you would have to open up your Apple TV, so this is not for the faint-hearted.

First, you need to take out the Apple TV’s hard drive and mount it to another Mac via Firewire or USB. This is so you can activate SSH, which will you will use to log in to the system remotely.

Then you’ll have to disable Watchdog and Frontrow (optional), and then you’ll have to download the Asterisk source, and Subversion for OS X. You then build Asterisk, and move it back to your Apple TV’s hard drive.

You then configure the Asterisk Manager and GUI, and you’re good to start.

Of course, the detailed steps are on the Asterisk install page.

Good luck!

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