IAX Provider Reviews

I am in the market for a new provider (as we all know, NuFone is not exactly the best around), but I’m stuck looking for a new company. That is why I need your help!

I’m opening up the website for a little discussion. Those of you who have an IAX provider that you either own or swear by, leave a comment linking to the website along with a short review. The sooner I get a new provider, the sooner we can have a dedicated line for this website with all sorts of cool features!

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2 Responses to “IAX Provider Reviews”

  1. 3GNTW, of course.

    You might have problems while the English translation for the website is not available, but a quick email to the support team will solve that.

  2. Jason Thompson Says:

    NuFone had their problems in the past, but they have always treated me with the same respect that I have given them. I don’t expect hours and hours of free support for the $20-$30 a month I give them – YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER.

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