Free SkypeOut Calls via VPN? Maybe Not Such a Good Idea

One great thing about VoIP is that it’s free. Well, usually at least. If you’re calling from computer-to-computer, or from VoIP phone to another VoIP phone (or even computer to VoIP phone), you can usually call at zero cost. Of course, if you have your own VoIP to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) link, you can do this for free or at least for the cost of local calls. But once you start calling regular telephones through established VoIP providers, then you would expect to be charged.

Some providers allow for free local calls through their system. One of the larger ones, Skype, will let you call any US or Canada number free via SkypeOut as long as you’re logged in within US and Canadian borders.

However, there are hacks that allow even those from outside US and Canadian territory to call these countries free. This involves pretending you are in those countries even if you’re somewhere else–and this can be done by connecting to the Skype server via virtual private networking (VPN) or a proxy server that’s located in the US or Canada.

However, this would be going against the Skype terms of service, which says you should not use anonymizing software or pretend to be in other regions.

If you’re using any service, proxy or other devices preventing us from locating you (for example by allocating you an anonymous IP address), Skype reserves the right to charge your calls to US and Canadian mobile and landline telephone numbers at the normal rates, regardless of your real location.

So if you are using a Skype with a SkypeOut account when doing this, better take care, or Skype might charge you for that call.

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