Great comments on ‘Sniffin’ the VOIP Traffic’

October 1st, 2006 Dan Posted in Basics, SIP Comments Off on Great comments on ‘Sniffin’ the VOIP Traffic’

My last post has generated some great comments (as I hoped it would) from those who have a lot more experience using Wireshark to view the network traffic from a SIP call. We’re going over these in more detail on the * forums, but one smart commenter brought a paper to my attention that will […]

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Sniffin’ the VOIP traffic

September 16th, 2006 Dan Posted in Basics, SIP 5 Comments »

This time we will install a network protocol analyzer to watch the traffic on our LAN from initiating and connecting a SIP call. The Wireshark open source project was formerly known as Ethereal. I used to work for a great company called Cybera as a programmer, and I was always fascinated by networking. I’d bug […]

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How SIP Works

September 15th, 2006 admin Posted in SIP Comments Off on How SIP Works

Source Have you ever wondered why long distance calls cost so much? In part the reason is because telephone lines cost so much. When driving, you might occasionally see a telephone crew maintaining a telephone line, but what you may have never considered is that there are literally thousands of individuals working around the clock […]

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