What is Asterisk@Home?

January 5th, 2006 admin Posted in Asterisk Comments Off on What is Asterisk@Home?

Asterisk@Home (Asterisk at Home) is a distro of linux, sort of. It’s a distro that comes with Asterisk pre-installed. It also has an easy to use web gui. xPL is included as well. For the GUI, AAH uses AMP (Asterisk Management Portal). If you’re wanting to use a GUI with Asterisk, I would reccomend just […]

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My Reason to Blog

January 1st, 2006 admin Posted in Asterisk Comments Off on My Reason to Blog

I have noticed there is a lack of news and tips and all that fun stuff for Asterisk. You’ve got the * Wiki… but that’s no fun to run through. I thought I should and could share my knowledge and experience here with everyone and try to make it as understandable as I could for […]

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