Case Study #1 – Geek Love Radio

Hey guys, Chris here. I’m starting to do a little bit of Asterisk work professionally now, so I figure I’ll throw out some case studies for you to look at. Critique me, learn from me, and help me learn from you. That’s what these will be about.

For my first case study, I will be setting up an Asterisk box via SSH running on Trixbox for the guys at the Geek Love Network. Their Season 3 is coming up soon, and they have a LOT of great things in store.

Geek Love Network is a network dedicated to dating for us geeks. I admit it, most of us aren’t the hottest and hippest out there, so they help out with that. I’ve been in close contact with these guys for a long while now, and I’ll tell you right now that everyone on their staff is the real deal.

I’ll just leave you with this for right now, but I’ll post more details soon. I will be posting dial plans, audio files (maybe?), and asking for your help in the best way to go about things. Make sure you make lots of use of the comment button below, I’d love to hear your opinion on these sorts of things!

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