Back to the Basics – Config Files

The configuration files in Asterisk are all text based. Nothing too complicated. If you installed the sample .conf files, then they will have a default setup and will have everything commented nicely so that you can learn your way through them.

The config files have the extention of “.conf” and are located in “/etc/asterisk”. The main file that you will play with is the extentions.conf. This is where ALL the main functionality in Asterisk comes from. In this file you will place the dial plan. There is a tool that I like to use called “The Dialplanner” that will help you in setting up your dial plan. This way it’s all point and click and you can just copy and paste it over to your file through SSH or whatever you want.

If you want to get techincal, you can include other files in the .conf by using the “#include” function. If you know PHP at all, this does the same thing as the include function in PHP. Go figure, haha.

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