AsteriskWin32 Version 0.60 Released

Apparently Asterisk is not Linux-only. Version 0.60 of the Windows version of Asterisk has been released recently. This comes from Asterisk build 1.2.14. According to, the following are the features of this new release:

  • Loadable Modules Support : no longer a standalone application (unload supported)
  • Native sound support for MOH: mpg123 no longer requested (but still supported)
  • AEL support (Asterisk Extension Language v1)
  • DUNDI support
  • CAPI: upgraded to v0.7.0 + added new feature Remote CAPI support : ISDN Router w/Remote CAPI support
  • TAPI: upgraded to v0.2.0
  • CELLIAX: Cellular Network connection via audio drivers (soundcard & bluetooth dongle)
  • Voicemail: send only 1 voicemail while installed as service application
  • SIP Channel bug with IP PHONE : audio confusing
  • TAPI: problem with dialogic hardware
  • GPL Compliant: usage of GNU Readline & Interoperability Key (for loadable modules)
  • New Management Application: PBX MANAGER F.E (Multi-lingual)

AsteriskWin32 will work over PSTN through voice-enabled modems installed on your computer, ISDN via ISDN controllers, or through a mobile network via GSM adaptor.

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