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Ok, so this isn’t really going to be all about personals… but I am looking for someone, someone special. I would like someone to help me run this website. To not only write content, but also to keep things running smoothly right alongside of me. This is a free job, not something I’m making any money from, all the money I’m making from ads (all 5 bucks since this site has been open 😉 ) is going back into it to pay for the server. So I’m not asking for someone who wants to make money.

What I’m looking for is someone who knows about Asterisk, maybe not some pro fanatic, someone who’s willing to learn and just be cool about everything. I don’t really want a slave either… Obivously I’m here to write for those people who don’t want the jargon. I just want everything to make sense.

So if you want to write some good content, be heads up on Asterisk news and just have fun, email me at Chris (at) AsteriskBlog dot com and we’ll talk. Thanks guys!

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